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Home is where the heart is.  We all know how important it is to feel warm, cozy, relaxed and refreshed in our own homes.  Cleanliness, tidyness, it all plays into our mental well being, especially during maternity leave and returning back to work after baby.  These times in our lives are stressful enough without having to wade through piles of clutter or the never-ending dusting, vacumming and bathroom cleaning.  This event is all about the home!  We have several housekeepers here to meet you, with an information sheet about them and time for you to meet each one and ask questions.  Here’s hoping you will connect with one of them and have them come to your home!

Not only is it a meet & mingle with the housekeepers, we also have three experts here to help you with all things HOME:

Revealing Assets’ Rhonda Wilson, CCSP is a certified home staging professional and also leads regular, very popular, de-cluttering workshops in Edmonton.  She will address the pressures and stigmas that society places on Mothers regarding keeping a tidy and clutter-free home and talk about de-cluttering itself.

Lisa Brick, owner of VIP Concierge & Errand Service will tell us what exactly a concierge can do for us.  Her motto is Time … Life’s most precious commodity and I’d have to agree.!

Rennaye Miller, realtor will cover what we can do to our homes to make them most valuable including exactly what rennovations will provide the greatest return on investment when eventually listing your home for sale.

After each speaker spends a few minutes talking to us, we will have to time to meet and mingle with the housekeepers so that you can find one that suits your home, schedule and budget!

$34 (Membership card-holders only $29)

June 20, 2011 7 – 9pm
Registration does not include nanny service.  If you wish to book a nanny to bring your child to this event, please email

Cafe O’Play  5667 Riverbend Road . Map

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